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Earl Carruthers and Ryan Carruthers established TV Fitness club in Ferndale, Michigan as an extension of what came natural to them, health and fitness.  Their brainchild, TV Fitness, filled a void in the fitness world; when you cannot afford all of the fitness DVDs and you’re not fit enough to keep up, what do you do?  Their answer was TV Fitness, a full service gym that specializes in allowing members to train using the most popular fitness DVD’s while being supervised.

If one existed, Earl and Ryan would have the entrepreneurial gene hard wired to their DNA.  They have always sought to be independent business owners and they are doing just that.  They are proud of what they have built and they are planning big things for TV Fitness.

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30 Day Free Trial TV Fitness on Demand use Coach I.D. 767334

Text or Call: 248 658 8348
Operating Hours: Customer Service Hours of OperationMonday-Friday 9am-5pmStudio Hours BY APPOINTMENT ONLY 24 Hour Advanced Registration Recommended

Monday-Friday 5am-10pm

Saturday 7am-4pm

Address: 23241 Woodward Ave. Ferndale, MI 48220
Email: thetvfitness@gmail.com

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